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Beauty Tips


Whether your relaxed, natural, wearing a weave or braids, you still need to care for your natural growing hair. Make sure to give your hair daily moisture with either a natural oil or our fave Morraccanoil. Your hair will grow about a half inch a month and the only way you will see that is if you properly care for your ends thus keeping them from breaking due to dryness and damage.


Don't waste your money or all the time you spend frustrated on store bought hair. Invest in your tresses with only unprocessed, virgin and raw hair extensions.  With good quality extensions they last well over a year even with coloring the hair. You will spend way more purchasing packaged inexpensive hair for every install and the quality hair will look more natural. Trust me once you try it you will never look back.  We suggest our Raw Indian hair that lasts years available online at


The truth is beauty IS skin deep. If you don't properly care for your skin, you won't get the best makeup look possible. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin daily. Not just your face either, your whole body! And make sure to do at home or professional facials weekly to keep the skin tight, with that young healthy glow for years to come. Visit our amazing Spa just a couple doors down from the salon. You can see all the available services at



Visit my Youtube channel "ElegantTrendz" for hair maintenance, makeup application videos, and styling information. If you ever forget what I instruct you to do whether its skincare to taking care of your style, you probably can find the answer here.

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